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Foundation in Engineering

The Foundation Programme is an introductory course designed to prepare students for entry into undergraduate courses at Swinburne Sarawak. The 1-year full time course provides students with an academic link between secondary studies and the beginning of their undergraduate studies. The course provides a direct entry into Swinburne Sarawak degree courses for students who have completed SPM/O Levels or equivalent qualification.

Upon completion of this program, students are able to pursue their degree at Swinburne University. Students get to choose their preferred major out of Civil Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Electronics & Computer Systems, Mechanical Engineering, Robotics & Mechatronics, or Telecommunications & Internet Technologies under the engineering pathway or Bachelor of Business Information Systems, Bachelor of Multimedia (Business Marketing or Multimedia Software Development), or Bachelor of Science (Computer Science & Software Engineering) under the IT & Multimedia pathway. These selections of majors would provide students with more specialisation and specific skills required for their preferred future career and/or further studies.

Semester 1

FND3 Information Technology 1
FND5 Oral Communication and Presentation
FND6 Reading for Academic Purposes
FND65 Finite Mathematics A
FND67 Physics A
FND69 Engineering Mathematics A

Semester 2

FND4 Information Technology 2
FND7 Academic Writing
FND8 Research Skills & Report Writing
FND66 Finite Mathematics B
FND68 Physics B
FND70 Engineering Mathematics B

Summer Semester *

FND9 Study and Information Literacy Skills
MPW1113 Bahasa Kebangsaan (A) **
MPW1123 Bahasa Kebangsaan (B) ***
MPW1133 Malaysian Studies
MPW1143 Pengajian Islam, or
MPW1153 Pendidikan Moral?

* No additional charges for the Summer Semester
** For Malaysian students only
*** For International students only

To enter into Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Science or double degrees, students must PASS all subjects and are encouraged to achieve CREDITS in the majoring subjects.

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华东 : 范晓荣 - +86-10-58691353; +86-13861370310

华西 ;玛利亚范- +86-10-58691353; +86-13522455898

中国区:安德鲁·王 博士 :+86-10-65381591; +86-13511069531


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