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Intensive English Course

Intensive English is an English proficiency course designed to fast-track students from their different starting points to a functional level of academic English.

Aims and Objectives:

The aim is to help them make the transition from school to university studies successfully. At the end of the course, the students will have acquired the following: Use of the International Pronunciation Alphabet for clear and correct pronunciation:

Sentence level grammar
A wider academic vocabulary
Better comprehension of academic text
Coherent writing of academic text
Confidence in speaking in English
Improved oral fluency and accuracy
Ability to understand spoken English

Course Structure:

Each class is two hours long. The course is organised along three strands:

listening and speaking?
reading and writing?
grammar and vocabulary

Three teachers work as a team to deliver this course. One teacher specialises in teaching listening and speaking, a second handles reading and writing, and a third focuses on sentence grammar. All three teachers work on expanding the students' vocabulary, improving their pronunciation and their use of grammar in spoken and written English. There is a final examination to assess how much the students have learnt.

Units of Study:

Reading for Academic Purposes
Academic Writing
Vocabulary in Context

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