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Department of Mass Communication


Bachelor of Arts - Mass Communication

This course involves the contextual study of the theory, history, ethics, criticism and practice of media, information, and new communication technologies. It combines scholarly academic study, critical and analytical thinking, professional conduct, creativity and practical "hands-on" skills.

The Mass Communication degree programme offers the opportunity for students to acquire knowledge and develop practical skills in at least two areas of specialisation: Film & Television - Corporate Production and Marketing OR Public Relations.

Course Structure

* 6 Core units (6 x 25 credits)
* 6 Film and Television - Corporate Production Stream units (6 x 25 credits)
* 6 Marketing Stream OR 6 Public Relations Stream units (6 x 25 credits)
* 6 General Elective units (6 x 25 credits)

Core units

301065 v.3 MCI 101: Research and Presentation Skills
301066 v.3 MCI 102: In-Between Cultures and the Popular Media
12194 v.5 MCI 111: The Information Age
12881 v.5 MCI 112: The Critical Attitude
12882 v.5 MCI 211: Law, Policy and Regulation
12883 v.5 MCI 212: Consumers, Audiences, Publics and Users

Film & Television - Corporate Production Stream units

1531 v.8 FTV 111: History of Screen Language
1532 v.8 FTV 121: Screen Production Techniques
2589 v.9 FTV 222: Documentary Workshop
11484 v.6 FTV 233: Advertising and Music Videos
303714 v.2 FTV 243: Screenwriting - Corporate Documentary
301037 v.3 FTV 334: Production - Corporate Documentary

Marketing Stream units

10850 v.4 Marketing 100
9764 v.7 Consumer Behaviour 102
11016 v.3 Marketing Communications 211
12989 v.2 Media Planning 250
4375 v.4 Marketing of Services 311
12613 v.2 International Marketing 250
12603 v.3 Tourism & Leisure Marketing 241
3822 v.7 Sales Management 330


Public Relations Stream units

10855 v.6 Public Relations (Principles) 102
10854 v.5 Public Relations (Techniques) 200
10851 v.5 Public Relations (Media) 250
3992 v.7 Public Relations (Consultancy) 300
12596 v.4 Public Relations (International) 240
3993 v.8 Public Relations (Professional Practice) 393

Recommended General Elective units

10808 v.2 Business Communication 101
10848 v.2 Management 100
11712 v.2 Small Business 200
12598 v.3 Tourism Management (Principles and Practices) 102
12599 v.3 Tourism Management (Impacts and Influences) 200
11011 v.3 Legal Framework 100

Course Entry Requirements

Applicants are required to meet the University's minimum level of entry. Credits towards a Curtin qualification may be granted to applicants with qualifications from other accredited educational institutions, including colleges, polytechnics and universities. Each application is assessed on a case-by-case basis, and applicants should note that credit for previous studies is not automatic. Advance standing forms can be downloaded here. Forms are to be completed and submitted along with copies of examination results or transcripts to the Registrar's Office, by the required due date.

Admission Requirements

Applicants have to satisfy the University's minimum language level entry requirements. All courses are taught in English. Applicants must demonstrate competency in English by meeting Curtin's English language requirements. Any other English l anguage competency score should be checked with the Registrar's Office to ensure that it satisfies the entry requirements.

English Language Test Min. score required
IELTS Writing and Speaking
Reading and Listening
Overall Band
CUTE (Curtin University Test of English)
SPM English
GCE 'O' level
Grade C

In addition to the University's general admission requirements, it is advisable for applicants to have a reasonably strong command of written and spoken English in order to get through the Mass Communication degree programme successfully.

Course Fees

Local Student (RM) 15,800 (per annum)
International Student* (RM) 18,300 (per annum)

* An international student is someone who is neither a Malaysian nor a permanent resident of Malaysia.

Additional Course Expenses

Mass Communication students may have to purchase a number of textbooks, unit readers and other vital study materials, as well as certain consumables (video tapes, CD-Rs, and so on).

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